Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DOIN?! Update

Greeting Fellow Bloggers and Blogger readers :)

Hope you all have been having a wonderful week so far as well as had a great week last week.
This past week for me was great until about Friday... my hubby ended up getting sick which is such a drag.... for those of you who have a man you know what complete babies guys are when they get sick...I swear they are helpless!!! Us women if we ever get sick we still get the dishes, laundry and dinner done as well as run around and tend to the kids all day while running a fever or whatever it is...Men they get a sore throat and a low grade fever and you would think they are dying!! LOL

It is what it is and cant deny that I love taking care of him of course. Along with that my little girl is going through some massive teething. Have to say she is handling it pretty well but man she gnaws on her puzzle blocks or anything else hard she can get her hands on like she is eating the T bone out of a steak ;) Think she is just about done though which will be nice and her little "fits" from getting all frustrated will subside back down a bit.

As far as an update on my weight I am down 10 lbs from where I started.... cant say its coming off fast but it is coming off steady so I am pretty happy about that. 8 more pounds and my goal is nailed!!! So excited!!

Its amazing how much more sexy you feel when you can put on your jeans and not have the swell of a muffin top pouring over the sides and having to constantly pull up you jeans to keep them where they are supposed to because your "roll" is causing them to fall down ;)

Its been nice having all of my organizing chores done and out of the way. It has really left me more free time to put into sewing as well as working out a bit more. And in working out I mean playing my Xbox kinect games ;)  I tell you what... when you are a stay at home mom and are too poor to afford a gym membership having an Xbox kinect is and absolute amazing way to get some exercise in and actually get results!! I drink probably 4 glasses of water while doing the games since it really gets your heart pumping like it should and makes ya sweat like a construction worker building a roof!!! Lol

After this week I am going to do a detox week. I think that it is well needed and looking forward to giving my body a "refresher" of sorts. The one thing I haven't decided though is if I will do a hardcore 3 day detox or if I am going to do a whole week. I will let you guys know what I decide after I get everything prepped and put together. Maybe we can do it together :)

besides all of that as a little vent I have to say that I am ready for Spring to be here. Never really experience a real winter before and here in Idaho we have had snow on the ground a long with more coming since Dec and temps below 30 everyday. Its all wet and slushy and just yucky outside so even going out for a walk is NO fun and very unappealing!! LOL I wanna see some grass and sun dammit!!!

Any who..... I guess that is really all I have to say at the moment..... If you guys have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments and I will answer ya back ;)

Much Love and Many Blessings!!!



  1. I would love to do a detox with you! You're just gonna have to tell me how... Lol! Can I also ask what a typical daily diet is for you? :) BB!

  2. Way To go dee!! Good luck with the Detox!!

  3. Good job Dee! So proud of you be able to keep doing your goals despite the trials of life, lol. Keep it up girl! And I am ready for sun & grass to dammit!!! lol xo

  4. It's freezing here too. Athens is no fun this year. Let us know about the detox i would love to join. Congrats about rhe weight loss!!!

  5. Congrats about your weightloss. My man is totally the opposite, when he gets sick its nothing he can't handle. He is a little trupper, guess I got the rare one lol. Hope he and the little one feels better. I on the other hand is the complainer when it comes to sickness. Hope you have a great day.

  6. The weather has been the same here too in Alabama, except for snow. I like you and your videos and want to follow you. I hope your detoxing and your other plans go well, I also hope your husband gets well and I hope your child feels better. I hope you have a good day and to see you soon.

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