Monday, January 14, 2013

Back in Check

Well.....Here we are another Monday and the second Monday of the month. Have been seemingly steady at knocking out my list but of course always find that more needs to be added. Its ok though, you can never improve yourself and your enviroment "too much". Anywho this past Friday was my 33rd birthday so needless to say I wasnt very productive except for in the sense of having a little fun and making some memories (Which is always good I think!)

I have continued to eat right and am still on track as far as losing weight goes. I am down to 139 from 148 so not too bad for almost 3 weeks. Its amazing what cutting back on just a few simple things and drinking a lot of water will do for you!!!

Also I am taking a supplement called COQ10 which helps enzymes work to digest food and perform other body processes efficiently, and help protect the heart and skeletal muscles. It also helps boost metabolism and increases your memory. I have been taking it for a week now and already can tell a difference. Nothing dramatic but know it is working and will only get better the longer I take it. The capsules are HUGE but you only need one a day. I will keep you updated on how well it continues to work but just wanted to share with you something new.

So what all supps do I take you ask?

Well it really depends on the time of year, as the cycles in the year are different each supplement cycle I take is different, depending on the time of year. As of right now I am simply taking the COQ10 and a prenatal vitamin (as I personally prefer them over multi's) and my energy diet blend.

In spring it will change and I will post that up when the time comes.  This time a year its always good to concentrate on your immune system and getting your body out of hibernation mode so its not such a shock to your system when Spring comes and you are going 100mph. I personally am lucky enough to have an amazing immune system so I do not take much to boost it I simply maintain. I do that by practicing good hygiene, including washing hands often (which you would be AMAZED how much that helps prevent sicknesses), eating an overall healthy diet, and keeping a clean house. NO I am not OCD and disinfect my house constantly. But I do wipe down the counters and other surface areas used daily, keep garbage out of the house, laundry done (meaning washed and put away) **leaving laundry in the washer overnight can cause mold and mildew buildup even if you dont see it, its there and can aggravate/cause allergies), vacuum, changes the sheets once a week, and keep the dishes done.

Simply doing those few things cuts germs down in your house but doesnt make it like a hospital to where you dont have anything to keep your immune system working to become stronger. YES you can have a house that is TOO CLEAN and therefore end up robbing your body on becoming immune to simple bacterias that you come in contact with everyday outside of your house.

So I guess at the moment thats really all I have to say..... I could go on and type out the mundane events in my life but do you seriously care?!?! LOL

Hope every ones week is off to a good start! I am looking forward to making this a productive and kick ass week!!

Talk to you soon!!! xoxo


  1. Happy birthday a little late!
    About the prenatal vitamin ever since i started it i saw a big difference health wise you are right it is so much better than multis.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. tip toe--- happy belated birthday!

    is that COQ10 safe? is it natural? i have been debating taking a supplement to help my diet along, but i am really scared of what is out there. i am sort of in the same boat as you are, weight wise, but you are doing better than me! unfortunately, i work 30 hours a week in a desk job where i sit on my ass all day. i get home and i try to do all my house crap (laundry, etc) and then work on my own art/business and squeeze in workout, etc. i am exhausted! right now i'm am the heaviest i have ever been: 147 lbs. i need to be between 120 - 130 lbs. to really feel good about myself.

    anyway- sorry for the rant, but i would like to hear more about the COQ10 if you have a minute...

    thanks :)

  3. I like the mundane details though! I'm unsure why haha. Makes me feel like I know the person a little bit deeper.

    Happy belated birthday! It's funny with time-zones! I'm from Australia so technically your birthday was on the day before (because I am nearly one day ahead of you).

    Anyway, thank you for sharing! It is always great to hear from you!

    Love Bohdi! xx

  4. Hi Dee! I am trying to catch up, new year new you! This is going to be wonderful! Thank you so much for starting back on your blog, and starting this series! I am excited! I caught up on Youtube this am, and here I am. LOL
    For supplements, I still take 2 vit C with Rosehips and I take 1tbsp ACV every morning -mainly to help with my allergies and managing them naturally.
    Thank you for all your ramblings and thoughts! I love them, and I love how you write exactly how you talk on the videos! It's refreshing to me because it doesn't feel rehearsed, more first person and real. That's one of the wonderful things about you!
    Thanks for all your work! Looking forward to more- will go start that journal today!
    Janey Mc

  5. Happy belated birthday!

    One of the things I hope to start on (also one of my Ostara Goals) is keeping my place cleaner. Laundry tends to sit around (both clean and dirty) and the dishes pile up...I honestly have no idea when the last time I vacuumed was.

    One thing I'd kinda like to input about your "not like a hospital" comment is that hospitals are not as clean as you'd think. They try their best, certainly, but people go there when they are *sick* and that does carry around, especially if they are up and moving around the halls. I've seen people (visitors) letting their kids roll around on the floor, and I can't help but cringe. Whats worse is that, because of that constant disinfecting, there are strains of bacteria that have become extremely resistant (MRSA, VRE, etc). So, hospital is a fine place to go when you absolutely need it...but just remember it's best not to let little ones go and roll around wherever they want. The cleaning crew does the best they can, but, especially in 24/7 establishments, they can't always catch everything.

    Anyway, that turned into a bigger soap box than I had intended >_> hahah sorry

  6. Hey Dee! I need to pick up my house some too, and my car! It bewilders me how much crap accumulates in the trunk and backseat over the course of a month. I've tried cleaning once a week just to keep my areas uncluttered. I always feel so much lighter/cleaner when the spaces around me are clean.

    As for supplements, can you recommend anything that works similarly to iron? I'm iron-deficient, but straight up iron supplements get me too backed up and occasionally nauseous.. I haven't really been taking them (oops).
    Also, is it better to take vitamin B12 alone for minor deficiency, or B vitamin complex? I've heard a spike of any specific B vitamin is bad and taking a complex balances them all out.

    Thank you in advanced for answers if you know! I hope you've been having a Blessed week!

  7. Way to go Dee! I'm down 8lbs as of Friday! Keep up the good work, and where would you find the COQ10