Monday, January 21, 2013

01/14-01-20 This Past Week "In a Nutshell"

Man oh man What a Crazy Awesome week this past week was for sure!!! Its so funny how you have a huge list of stuff to do and normally you always get the little things done and never the big things. But this past week I got all the BIG things done and not many little things. LOL honestly I cant say that I am complaining by any means because the tasks that I accomplished were ones that have been weighing on my for quite sometime now and now that they are done and taken care of I feel so much more free and "light weighted". On the "bad" side though...yes I feel like a piece of shit and lazy because I didn't write a blog at all last week and only posted one video. But hey you gotta choose your battles right?!

So what big tasks did I do you are wondering?! LOL Well for you obsessed people (wink wink) here is my list:

* Reorganized and clean the Basement/Dungeon - It was full of boxes and misc crap from all over the house that I had brought down to be stored and put away. It was a cluttered mess and really dampened my witchie space for sure. I also reorganized my herb room, which was getting a little out of hand and got a list of things that I need to make my herb room better. I am in serious need of gallon jars. The amount of herbs that I have on hand now is crazy and has tripled since a year ago... yes its a good thing but man does it make inventory a little crazy!! LOL

*Reorganized and cleaned Kahlan's room. She has grown so much not only out of her clothes but with the toys she plays with. So I went through and put away all the clothes she no longer can wear and all of the toys she no longer plays with. No sense in having them clutter up the living room and her room if she never messes with them.

*Rearranged my bedroom, added a shelf to put a few knick knacks on and also went through all the clothes. Even got out my Silver jeans that i plan on getting into by spring (oh man SO excited).

So those are the big tasks.... I also did my normal every day cleaning plus did the bathrooms, dusted the house, did a good move the furniture vacuum and all that jazz.

You know I tell you what.... there is nothing more that gets under my skin than those people (men and women) that think being a stay at home mom and even working from home is easy... because ITS NOT!!! You literally hardly ever leave the house so your work and home literally meld together and there is ALWAYS something to do and seemingly never any time to just Chill!!!

The one thing that I make sure to do though is the weekends I leave open to do whatever....and am sure to stay offline as much as possible. The demand for my attention on the Internet is ridiculous LOL and I have really had to discipline and come to a comfortable stance that I cannot always feel responsible for everybody online... it really drains the hell out of me and no matter how much or how little attention I give there will always be people out there that think i do not do enough. And you know..... those people have NO FREAKING IDEA HOW MUCH I actually do......

Ok so with all that out of the way.... I got my Xbox system with Kinect in the mail on Thurs that a couple of my friends chipped in to get for me and MAN let me tell you!!! I FREAKING LOVE that thing!!! Besides the little "adventure game that it comes with I went out and got Dance Central 3 and HOLY Crap I LOVE that game!! I am by far the Whitest Chick when it comes to dancing but its so much fun and I did about 10 hours of playing the two games between Thurs afternoon and Saturday.
it is SUCH an amazing cardio workout and JUST what I need since I dont really get out of the house much and refuse to go take a brisk walk in the 15 degree weather we have been having, especially with Kahlan. Dont want her to get sick.
So yea been feeling the burn and today I feel like someone used my ass cheeks as a punching bag! LOL But man its feels so good! The last time I had a dance game was around 2002-2003 when DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) came out and I literally dropped 15 pounds in a month doing that game and that was all feet!!! This Dance Central 3 you use everything your arms, legs, hips, etc!!! So this weight is going to come over equally and I will easily get tone pretty quick. Nothing makes a woman feel sexy like being in shape and not having a muffin top when she wears her jeans!! LOL

Any who... Besides the dancing and the cleaning and the computer stuff and playing with my little girl I have also been sewing away. This week I am hoping to attempt and succeed in making myself a Tote Bag/Purse. I have not carried a purse in 15 years and thinking that its about time that I do sinc I need to carry around a little more than just my wallet these days when I do go out. So I will let you know how that turns out :)

So Magickally this past week.... I have been simply putting a lot of energy and focus into "cleansing" my space all the way around and also towards The Green Eyed Owl doing good. We really need the funds especially since the hubby is not getting a whole lot of hours due to the weather.... so that extra pressure is on to me and we not only need to pay the bills but also need to save so we can make our move in March. Really looking forward to it but Man is it stressful!!! Once we get there it will be so great especially for the Hubs since he will be back with an old company, making more money, have benefits, and not be on a roof all day. So yeah.... lots of energy going into that to make it happen. Been Saging the house, Bathing with some added herbs (Patchouli, Lavender, Sage), and carrying around a hematite and clear quartz, rubbing them every time I am putting some major thought and will into the future.

Last but not least.... besides all of that stuff of course I watched the Championship football games and was doing my normal yelling and shouting at the tv with the hubs. Really sad there is only one game of the season left (as I LOVE Football Season) and really upset that neither of our teams made it...but oh well it happens and it was really a good season. looking forward to the Ravens beating the shit out of the Niners!!! There are two teams I despise in the NFL one being the Niners and the other being the Patriots!!! I wont get into why at the moment but man oh man do those teams make my blood boil!!!

Well... Cheers to a GREAT week!!!!! Much Love and Many blessings to you all!!! Be seeing you around as always!!! XOXOXOX



  1. wow, you have been busy!!! I have been thinking of getting dance central 3 now i will def, have to i have xbox360 also my gamer tag is ByRdY22 add me !!! lol well congrats on all your hard work and I hope the move happens quickly and effortlessly cause i hate moving, and I myself have to move in march.

    1. Moving is SUCH a drag isnt it?!?! LOL well if you do get the game let me know!!! My gamertag is CoolerCornet37 (Dont ask... its the one Xbox live gave me) Gotta figure out how to change it.

  2. TipToe- I get such a kick out of watching your youtube videos!!! Your lastest one is so funny!! My grandpa used to pronounce root as like your hubby. Same thing with roof! He also used to pronounce tire as "tear " and yellow as "yeller " and also wash as "warsh" those are just some of the things he would pronounce differently. I think its just comes from what you grow up with. :)

  3. I'm with you there on getting some much needed cleanng done. I've been cleaning the house room by room. My laundry room is crazy right now. My son is in his clingy phase and isn't letting me get too far from him lol.

  4. Yay! A fellow friend who enjoys watching football with the hubster! I get such flack for it! But I even played Fantasy Football with him this year! My house is all boys- I'm the only girl- so I just naturally learned to love the sports too, especially as the boys got older. I agree soo much about the Patriots- reasons need not be explained! Yay! Ravens all the way! :)

    Great job getting all that work done! You rocked it!
    And I congratulate you on getting that many hours of work out done! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  5. Hey there Tip Toe,
    I just love reading your blogs (I know I don't comment a lot on people's blogs, but I do read them quite often). I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can go to my page at to learn how to accept it. I think you're great and look forward to more in the future!