Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stay At Home/Mompreneur Vent

I am taking a little breather and just wanted to type a bit to have a little vent. By no means am I angry.....just wanna scream really loud "AAAAAHHHHHHHH"!!!!!! 

As many of you know I run an online herbal business selling things from herbs by the ounce, tinctures, loose teas, incense, even teach a few classes and give readings. I LOVE my biz, its my passion for sure but the "behind the scenes" look on this I truly find humorous and do not think people truly appreciate nor realize what fully consists in my everyday balance of work/life. 

Yes I am a full "old fashioned type" house wife I guess you can say. I cook, do the dishes, do laundry, vacuum, make the bed, feed the dog/cat, and tend to my energetic 19 month old daughter that is in the "No mom i don't want a nap" stage. Of course there is also the weekly "maintenance's" of the house, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors, vacuuming the stairs, changing the sheets, paying the bills, etc......while the hubs does his thing and goes to work. (lucky bastard!)  Lol

So on top of all this I am a true born Capricorn so ALWAYS thinking of more ways to offer more on my site as well as "please the fans"  on Youtube and what used to be Stickam.com. I also have a new found love of sewing ever since receiving a sewing machine for Xmas from my parents. (SO AWESOME!)
OH and have been making sure to get my exercise in at least 4 times a week so that I can lose the 20lbs that was gained and seemed to not go away very easy for a while after Kahlan was born.

Sounds all totally great right?!?! Well yes at times I cant complain and say its not. It gives me the pleasure of raising our little girl and not having to pay the ridiculous amounts for daycare. BUT hardly EVER getting to leave the house except for the few times a month I go to the grocery store is a little toturous.... (Hubs takes my car most of the time since it gets WAY better gas mileage than his truck does so its the financially smart thing to do)..... So needless to say I get a little cabin fever and the times .

 There just never seems to be enough time in the day... and the days I attempt to are the days every tom, dick and hairy decides that they wanna call me and "catch up" or ask for help and/or ask a million questions.

Why not do it all after the hubs gets home? Why dont I stay up extra late?! Well..... fact is and to be honest.... the hubs gets home and we have family time, catch up and vent about our days, I cook and we eat dinner, give Baby bath, take our showers, clean up dinner, get baby in bed and then I wanna EFFIN relax, get a little R&R time and even catch up on a few emails since its the only other time I get to besides in the early morning. Then usually after a little bit get to bed hopefully before midnight so I can get up at 6am and do it all over again ;)

Like I said above I AM NOT NOT NOT complaining by anymeans.... just simply wanted to vent and share a little about my life and let a few of out there that wonder...how does she do it?! Does she ever go crazy? Oh your life is So perfect!! ... LOL UH NO I dont know anyones life that is perfect and needless to say there is a lot more but truly no sense in to getting even more in depth.... 

I guess as a real purpose I just truly hopes this helps shed a little light out there to the other SAHM's (Stay at Home Moms) that you are NOT alone and you totally ROCK for everything you do and even though it may seem to go unnoticed by others THIS CHICK gets you!!! And that this world would truly not survive without strong women like us!!!

Much Love !!! <3 



  1. Dee! I'm feelin ya darlin! I wish you kots of chill time! ♥ Have a great week girl! -Jess

  2. I'm not a stay at home mom, but I do get you Dee. I feel like there isn't enough time in the day, I try to stay as positive as possible but sometimes it's hard...getting up at 6 am and getting to school in the cold with fibromyalgia sucks!!!! Then having to sometimes walk around the campus in the cold gathering specimens and such, it's awesome don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be able to ID plants by just looking at them..but it's killer on my fibro sometimes..but that's getting better with time, and effort. Then running errands while I have a couple hours after my classes before going to another town to TA for my Horticulture professor, which I see in the mornings. Then I am also the Horticulture Club president, and trying to get my immense amount of homework done, eat nutritionally, spend time with my boyfriend, friend time and get some exercise in...my weeks are packed!! It's difficult but it's a life that's mine and that I want, it's a good life I am truly happy. I'm glad that you can vent, and we can relate to each other. You're awesome Dee!!! Don't forget it!! And SO is everyone else out there workin' their butt off to make a difference!!

  3. I work from home so i completely understand the feeling of never going out! It is ridiculous. Thank the Goddess we have a dog and i walk him in the mornings otherwise the light of day would never reach me! But i do not do everything by myself, although considering my last post, expecting from my husband to help out, does n't always work!!!
    What baffles me is the small amount of sleep you get with such full days. I need at least 8 hours nine is optimum, and you do all that with 6-7? That is wild!

  4. i'm not even a wifey yet and already feel like one , running after my own fiance as he sheds his clothes after coming home from work... yeah i get how you feel Dee.. Its like the day is repeating itself !!

  5. Dee, I too am a stay at home mom, I have a hard time with my day to day and don't have nearly the daily load you have with the GEO and all, so hats off to you sister you are amazing. Oh and your aloud to vent :)

  6. Totally get cha'! I'm a Sahm tooo and raising 2 boys that way. Love, Light, and Blessings, Dee! You are doing great!

  7. Dee, I am giving you the Liebster Award for being a lovely blogger!! Collect your award here: http://annikagarratt.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/remember-me/ xxx

  8. Dee, I so feel you. You can vent it is what keeps us sane especially us SAHM/WAHM(work at home mom) moms. I am a WAHM, I run a small daycare from my home. Raising three boys it would be outrageous to pay for childcare even with two in school.

  9. I totally understand the stresses of trying to balance everything! I stay home with our son and just started going to school full time to be a nurse. So I do get out of the house more which is awesome but school is very stressful for me, and it's impossible to find the time to study on top of everything else... My son is 18 months so close in age to your daughter! I swear he started his "terrible twos" at about 15 months old lol... And I'm 30 wks pregnant with a girl, so our life is only going to be more hectic!! I love being mom and being able to raise our kids is amazing but nobody understands how hard it is like fellow stay at home moms. Sometimes you just gotta vent, otherwise I think we would literally go insane from it all! ;P

  10. There are never enough hours in the day that's for sure! You'd think staying home and running a business would be easier than going out to work... no freakin way! Its so much harder!

  11. For a minute, I thought I was reading a post written by myself. Damn, that's exactly how I feel...not enough time in the day. I'm a new mom, to an almost 2 yr old (in June) and also a stay at home mom. I completely feel what you are saying! Just trying to balance everything can be challenging! Blessings, Feather :)

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