Friday, January 4, 2013

My Day in a Nutshell

So today is Friday....... I have to say that I LOVE Fridays even though I work from home and seemingly never leave the house. BUT it is the last day of the work week for the hubs so its always nice to look forward to family time.
ANYWHO!!!!!! So what did I do today..... Well which many of you know I launched off a new vid on YT explaining the new goals n such for the new year and how I am going to be sharing it all with you via video and thins blogging site. I really hope that you all enjoy it and can seemingly connect with it some way or another.

Me being a Capricorn I am a list maker so be prepared that many of my blogs of the day will end up being basically "lists" of what I did. Why not write more do you ask? Well there are times and moments where I simply do not have the time nor the motivation to write it all out pretty and appealing but want to be sure to blog.journal ou what I did do so that I can refer to it later. Just as I mentioned in my YT vid.... you are not writing an English paper to turn in a be graded this is simply you taking the time to write out your day so that you can refer back to it at a  later time and use it to your advantage. You never know what things you jot down and actually do forget later even though you swear to ourself that you wont... HAHA!! Yea right!!! Just lik the way I promise myself all the time..."oh you dont have to write this dream down you will remember it in the morning" and guess what..... I never do....... LOL Totally pisses me off!!!

Ok so here is my list:

I restarted my Fitness Pal food is where you literally log everything you eat and drink throughout the day.... which honestly is cool. It is totally private and only for your eyes and really gives you an idea of the calories that you intake everyday whether you have the best diet or not.

If you are interested try it out!!

Next I did my normal cleaning know Loading/Unloading the dishwasher, made the bed,  Washed clothes, folded and put away.... swept the kitchen floor, wiped down all the counter, vacuumed the living room, and windexed the tv area LOL (my daughters fav place to put hand prints).

Went to Walmart got a few sewing materials, milk, eggs and a few snacks for Kahlan.
Went to the feed store and FINALLY found a bag of Deer corn so that I can finish my bags that I have been crafting up to put on The Green Eyed Owl.

Did a 75 min workout to Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" (LOL Yes I am old School) and got some cardio in.

Printed out my couple orders that I got in and got those started...plan on finishing and shipping out tomorrow.

Made a couple YT vids, set up this blog and replied to my daily quota of emails.

Thats pretty much it besides the normal butt changing of Kahlan, making her meals and doing our "playtime/learning time" that I do in the morning and afternoon to teach her a little something each day.

So thats it in a nutshell there is a little more but didnt wanna keep going on and bore ya to death LOL and not as much as I would like to have gotten done but hey what can ya do!! LOL

I weighed in at 144.5 lbs.... cannot believe it!!! So pissed at myself as I have been doing good on my food intake and have been excercising but I guess I indulged a little much this past weekend in some treats... NOT anymore though!!! I wanna be back to 128 lbs by March!!! And I KNOW it can happen.

Well that is my blog and summary of my day..... hope you didnt get too bored reading it....

See you again soon!!! XOXOXOX


  1. After listening to your new year, new you vid. on Youtube I posted to my Pagan blog which I've left dormant for almost 2 years.
    Put a link on my desktop & will begin posting at least once a week again.
    Thanks for the inspiration !

  2. Bob that is FANTASTIC!!! And really am so happy to be of some help!! Going to follow you for sure and we can keep each other on track ;) Much Love and Light!!

  3. I love Richard! I HAVE to get back to exercising!

  4. hey it's me lisa!!!! thanks for starting all of this up. I started my blog and I'll be working on it this weekend. :)

  5. This has motivated me to take care of myself spiritually and physically. Thank you!!

  6. Good for you, Bob for getting back on the blogging wagon! I slowed down on my blogging for the last two years and only blogged once in 2012! My goal for 2013 is to blog at least once a week, since I'm currently a student, it's more realistic than attempting to blog every day. If I blog more than once a week then that's fantastic, too!

    Tiptoe, I'm glad to see that you are back to blogging again, too! I look forward to reading your future blogs. As a way to help me manage my time better, I've set a goal to make a to-do list (which I've not done before), so hopefully this Gemini doesn't end up tossing those to-do lists in the wind and end up "winging" it! :)

  7. Hey tiptoe, or Lisa I think. I am a new follower of you on YT and am starting to dig more deeply into Wicca, I posted my very first blog about my Wicca Journey, and hope you as well as some other supportive ones will read my blog and help me to find me. Thanks, and I cannot wait to see more of your videos, I always seem to find peace with myself after watching your videos. You have no clue how much you touch my heart. Much love and Blessed be!

  8. Hi, Tiptoe Chick. I've been watching you on youtube forever, and I am so glad you blog now. Blogging is so therapeutic. I hope you continue with it. I've learned so much from you.

  9. I saw your video for the blogging for 2013 and here's my blog!!!

  10. I guess I'm like a lot of other folks on here that are commenting about starting a blog, because I started one too. I also loved working out to sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons and I think I'm going to start that back up soon. I really enjoy your videos and now I'm going to enjoy your blog. The pagan thing is all new to me. I come from a Southern Baptist background and well, it's way different. I guess, I'll stop rambling and just say thanks for the vids and blogs.

  11. Hi Tiptoe,

    Your vid inspired me to get my blog on too <3 Please check it out

    So much love and all the best to everyone determined to make 2013 the best year yet!!

    Love xxx

  12. I know exactly how you feel. I dont go out much either and its nice to have hubby home on the weekends. Steve and I are old home bodies..LOL! Love ya!