Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stay At Home/Mompreneur Vent

I am taking a little breather and just wanted to type a bit to have a little vent. By no means am I angry.....just wanna scream really loud "AAAAAHHHHHHHH"!!!!!! 

As many of you know I run an online herbal business selling things from herbs by the ounce, tinctures, loose teas, incense, even teach a few classes and give readings. I LOVE my biz, its my passion for sure but the "behind the scenes" look on this I truly find humorous and do not think people truly appreciate nor realize what fully consists in my everyday balance of work/life. 

Yes I am a full "old fashioned type" house wife I guess you can say. I cook, do the dishes, do laundry, vacuum, make the bed, feed the dog/cat, and tend to my energetic 19 month old daughter that is in the "No mom i don't want a nap" stage. Of course there is also the weekly "maintenance's" of the house, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors, vacuuming the stairs, changing the sheets, paying the bills, etc......while the hubs does his thing and goes to work. (lucky bastard!)  Lol

So on top of all this I am a true born Capricorn so ALWAYS thinking of more ways to offer more on my site as well as "please the fans"  on Youtube and what used to be Stickam.com. I also have a new found love of sewing ever since receiving a sewing machine for Xmas from my parents. (SO AWESOME!)
OH and have been making sure to get my exercise in at least 4 times a week so that I can lose the 20lbs that was gained and seemed to not go away very easy for a while after Kahlan was born.

Sounds all totally great right?!?! Well yes at times I cant complain and say its not. It gives me the pleasure of raising our little girl and not having to pay the ridiculous amounts for daycare. BUT hardly EVER getting to leave the house except for the few times a month I go to the grocery store is a little toturous.... (Hubs takes my car most of the time since it gets WAY better gas mileage than his truck does so its the financially smart thing to do)..... So needless to say I get a little cabin fever and the times .

 There just never seems to be enough time in the day... and the days I attempt to are the days every tom, dick and hairy decides that they wanna call me and "catch up" or ask for help and/or ask a million questions.

Why not do it all after the hubs gets home? Why dont I stay up extra late?! Well..... fact is and to be honest.... the hubs gets home and we have family time, catch up and vent about our days, I cook and we eat dinner, give Baby bath, take our showers, clean up dinner, get baby in bed and then I wanna EFFIN relax, get a little R&R time and even catch up on a few emails since its the only other time I get to besides in the early morning. Then usually after a little bit get to bed hopefully before midnight so I can get up at 6am and do it all over again ;)

Like I said above I AM NOT NOT NOT complaining by anymeans.... just simply wanted to vent and share a little about my life and let a few of out there that wonder...how does she do it?! Does she ever go crazy? Oh your life is So perfect!! ... LOL UH NO I dont know anyones life that is perfect and needless to say there is a lot more but truly no sense in to getting even more in depth.... 

I guess as a real purpose I just truly hopes this helps shed a little light out there to the other SAHM's (Stay at Home Moms) that you are NOT alone and you totally ROCK for everything you do and even though it may seem to go unnoticed by others THIS CHICK gets you!!! And that this world would truly not survive without strong women like us!!!

Much Love !!! <3 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DOIN?! Update

Greeting Fellow Bloggers and Blogger readers :)

Hope you all have been having a wonderful week so far as well as had a great week last week.
This past week for me was great until about Friday... my hubby ended up getting sick which is such a drag.... for those of you who have a man you know what complete babies guys are when they get sick...I swear they are helpless!!! Us women if we ever get sick we still get the dishes, laundry and dinner done as well as run around and tend to the kids all day while running a fever or whatever it is...Men they get a sore throat and a low grade fever and you would think they are dying!! LOL

It is what it is and cant deny that I love taking care of him of course. Along with that my little girl is going through some massive teething. Have to say she is handling it pretty well but man she gnaws on her puzzle blocks or anything else hard she can get her hands on like she is eating the T bone out of a steak ;) Think she is just about done though which will be nice and her little "fits" from getting all frustrated will subside back down a bit.

As far as an update on my weight I am down 10 lbs from where I started.... cant say its coming off fast but it is coming off steady so I am pretty happy about that. 8 more pounds and my goal is nailed!!! So excited!!

Its amazing how much more sexy you feel when you can put on your jeans and not have the swell of a muffin top pouring over the sides and having to constantly pull up you jeans to keep them where they are supposed to because your "roll" is causing them to fall down ;)

Its been nice having all of my organizing chores done and out of the way. It has really left me more free time to put into sewing as well as working out a bit more. And in working out I mean playing my Xbox kinect games ;)  I tell you what... when you are a stay at home mom and are too poor to afford a gym membership having an Xbox kinect is and absolute amazing way to get some exercise in and actually get results!! I drink probably 4 glasses of water while doing the games since it really gets your heart pumping like it should and makes ya sweat like a construction worker building a roof!!! Lol

After this week I am going to do a detox week. I think that it is well needed and looking forward to giving my body a "refresher" of sorts. The one thing I haven't decided though is if I will do a hardcore 3 day detox or if I am going to do a whole week. I will let you guys know what I decide after I get everything prepped and put together. Maybe we can do it together :)

besides all of that as a little vent I have to say that I am ready for Spring to be here. Never really experience a real winter before and here in Idaho we have had snow on the ground a long with more coming since Dec and temps below 30 everyday. Its all wet and slushy and just yucky outside so even going out for a walk is NO fun and very unappealing!! LOL I wanna see some grass and sun dammit!!!

Any who..... I guess that is really all I have to say at the moment..... If you guys have any questions please feel free to post them in the comments and I will answer ya back ;)

Much Love and Many Blessings!!!


Monday, January 21, 2013

01/14-01-20 This Past Week "In a Nutshell"

Man oh man What a Crazy Awesome week this past week was for sure!!! Its so funny how you have a huge list of stuff to do and normally you always get the little things done and never the big things. But this past week I got all the BIG things done and not many little things. LOL honestly I cant say that I am complaining by any means because the tasks that I accomplished were ones that have been weighing on my for quite sometime now and now that they are done and taken care of I feel so much more free and "light weighted". On the "bad" side though...yes I feel like a piece of shit and lazy because I didn't write a blog at all last week and only posted one video. But hey you gotta choose your battles right?!

So what big tasks did I do you are wondering?! LOL Well for you obsessed people (wink wink) here is my list:

* Reorganized and clean the Basement/Dungeon - It was full of boxes and misc crap from all over the house that I had brought down to be stored and put away. It was a cluttered mess and really dampened my witchie space for sure. I also reorganized my herb room, which was getting a little out of hand and got a list of things that I need to make my herb room better. I am in serious need of gallon jars. The amount of herbs that I have on hand now is crazy and has tripled since a year ago... yes its a good thing but man does it make inventory a little crazy!! LOL

*Reorganized and cleaned Kahlan's room. She has grown so much not only out of her clothes but with the toys she plays with. So I went through and put away all the clothes she no longer can wear and all of the toys she no longer plays with. No sense in having them clutter up the living room and her room if she never messes with them.

*Rearranged my bedroom, added a shelf to put a few knick knacks on and also went through all the clothes. Even got out my Silver jeans that i plan on getting into by spring (oh man SO excited).

So those are the big tasks.... I also did my normal every day cleaning plus did the bathrooms, dusted the house, did a good move the furniture vacuum and all that jazz.

You know I tell you what.... there is nothing more that gets under my skin than those people (men and women) that think being a stay at home mom and even working from home is easy... because ITS NOT!!! You literally hardly ever leave the house so your work and home literally meld together and there is ALWAYS something to do and seemingly never any time to just Chill!!!

The one thing that I make sure to do though is the weekends I leave open to do whatever....and am sure to stay offline as much as possible. The demand for my attention on the Internet is ridiculous LOL and I have really had to discipline and come to a comfortable stance that I cannot always feel responsible for everybody online... it really drains the hell out of me and no matter how much or how little attention I give there will always be people out there that think i do not do enough. And you know..... those people have NO FREAKING IDEA HOW MUCH I actually do......

Ok so with all that out of the way.... I got my Xbox system with Kinect in the mail on Thurs that a couple of my friends chipped in to get for me and MAN let me tell you!!! I FREAKING LOVE that thing!!! Besides the little "adventure game that it comes with I went out and got Dance Central 3 and HOLY Crap I LOVE that game!! I am by far the Whitest Chick when it comes to dancing but its so much fun and I did about 10 hours of playing the two games between Thurs afternoon and Saturday.
it is SUCH an amazing cardio workout and JUST what I need since I dont really get out of the house much and refuse to go take a brisk walk in the 15 degree weather we have been having, especially with Kahlan. Dont want her to get sick.
So yea been feeling the burn and today I feel like someone used my ass cheeks as a punching bag! LOL But man its feels so good! The last time I had a dance game was around 2002-2003 when DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) came out and I literally dropped 15 pounds in a month doing that game and that was all feet!!! This Dance Central 3 you use everything your arms, legs, hips, etc!!! So this weight is going to come over equally and I will easily get tone pretty quick. Nothing makes a woman feel sexy like being in shape and not having a muffin top when she wears her jeans!! LOL

Any who... Besides the dancing and the cleaning and the computer stuff and playing with my little girl I have also been sewing away. This week I am hoping to attempt and succeed in making myself a Tote Bag/Purse. I have not carried a purse in 15 years and thinking that its about time that I do sinc I need to carry around a little more than just my wallet these days when I do go out. So I will let you know how that turns out :)

So Magickally this past week.... I have been simply putting a lot of energy and focus into "cleansing" my space all the way around and also towards The Green Eyed Owl doing good. We really need the funds especially since the hubby is not getting a whole lot of hours due to the weather.... so that extra pressure is on to me and we not only need to pay the bills but also need to save so we can make our move in March. Really looking forward to it but Man is it stressful!!! Once we get there it will be so great especially for the Hubs since he will be back with an old company, making more money, have benefits, and not be on a roof all day. So yeah.... lots of energy going into that to make it happen. Been Saging the house, Bathing with some added herbs (Patchouli, Lavender, Sage), and carrying around a hematite and clear quartz, rubbing them every time I am putting some major thought and will into the future.

Last but not least.... besides all of that stuff of course I watched the Championship football games and was doing my normal yelling and shouting at the tv with the hubs. Really sad there is only one game of the season left (as I LOVE Football Season) and really upset that neither of our teams made it...but oh well it happens and it was really a good season. looking forward to the Ravens beating the shit out of the Niners!!! There are two teams I despise in the NFL one being the Niners and the other being the Patriots!!! I wont get into why at the moment but man oh man do those teams make my blood boil!!!

Well... Cheers to a GREAT week!!!!! Much Love and Many blessings to you all!!! Be seeing you around as always!!! XOXOXOX


Monday, January 14, 2013

Back in Check

Well.....Here we are another Monday and the second Monday of the month. Have been seemingly steady at knocking out my list but of course always find that more needs to be added. Its ok though, you can never improve yourself and your enviroment "too much". Anywho this past Friday was my 33rd birthday so needless to say I wasnt very productive except for in the sense of having a little fun and making some memories (Which is always good I think!)

I have continued to eat right and am still on track as far as losing weight goes. I am down to 139 from 148 so not too bad for almost 3 weeks. Its amazing what cutting back on just a few simple things and drinking a lot of water will do for you!!!

Also I am taking a supplement called COQ10 which helps enzymes work to digest food and perform other body processes efficiently, and help protect the heart and skeletal muscles. It also helps boost metabolism and increases your memory. I have been taking it for a week now and already can tell a difference. Nothing dramatic but know it is working and will only get better the longer I take it. The capsules are HUGE but you only need one a day. I will keep you updated on how well it continues to work but just wanted to share with you something new.

So what all supps do I take you ask?

Well it really depends on the time of year, as the cycles in the year are different each supplement cycle I take is different, depending on the time of year. As of right now I am simply taking the COQ10 and a prenatal vitamin (as I personally prefer them over multi's) and my energy diet blend.

In spring it will change and I will post that up when the time comes.  This time a year its always good to concentrate on your immune system and getting your body out of hibernation mode so its not such a shock to your system when Spring comes and you are going 100mph. I personally am lucky enough to have an amazing immune system so I do not take much to boost it I simply maintain. I do that by practicing good hygiene, including washing hands often (which you would be AMAZED how much that helps prevent sicknesses), eating an overall healthy diet, and keeping a clean house. NO I am not OCD and disinfect my house constantly. But I do wipe down the counters and other surface areas used daily, keep garbage out of the house, laundry done (meaning washed and put away) **leaving laundry in the washer overnight can cause mold and mildew buildup even if you dont see it, its there and can aggravate/cause allergies), vacuum, changes the sheets once a week, and keep the dishes done.

Simply doing those few things cuts germs down in your house but doesnt make it like a hospital to where you dont have anything to keep your immune system working to become stronger. YES you can have a house that is TOO CLEAN and therefore end up robbing your body on becoming immune to simple bacterias that you come in contact with everyday outside of your house.

So I guess at the moment thats really all I have to say..... I could go on and type out the mundane events in my life but do you seriously care?!?! LOL

Hope every ones week is off to a good start! I am looking forward to making this a productive and kick ass week!!

Talk to you soon!!! xoxo

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday 01/07/2013 Day in a nutshell.......

Well today was an interesting day......

Woke up feeling pretty good did my normal coffee/computer (in which I return my emails) wake up routine and found myself shortly after playing "rescue".

I step outside to let the dog out to do his business and I heard a faint painful cry for help after hearing it a second time I knew someone was in trouble. Came back inside put on my boots and took my daughter upstairs and put her in her crib so I could know she was safe while I ventured out to see what was going on.

After walking to the house 2 doors down sure enough I discovered an elderly woman, I am guessing in her late 70's early 80's laying on the ground face bloodied up and she was in pain from obviously taking a nasty fall. After realizing she was really in bad shape (thinking she snapped her neck pretty good)... I went into her house grabbed a few blankets to cover her up and try to get her warm, after all there is a foot of snow on the ground and snow still coming down. I then called 911 and HOORAY in less than 5 min the paramedics arrived. I asked her where her house key was so that i could lock her house up for her and also grabbed her wallet and phone (which was dead) and gave it all to the EMT so she would have it. They got her all strapped up and loaded into the ambulance, with the only trouble being carrying her out through the backyard as the house was not in any shape to get a gurney through there,

I am hoping she is ok and safe and have to admit that I felt really bad that there was seemingly no family or anyone that i could call for her and let them know what was going on. So far she doesn't seem to be back home and still praying she is doing ok.

It was a rush and also a little wake up call that you never really know who your neighbors are unless you actually take the time to get to know them. I feel the need to continue to help her in some way..... she obviously doesn't have many visitors and isn't in the best of shape. There were O2 tanks all over as well as prescription bottles all over the place and she is an obvious hoarder!!! I have seen the stuff on TV but never in real life. There was literally one tiny path that went through the house and that was it the rest was COVERED in STUFF!!!

Any who..... after all the morning excitement I did the normal exciting routine of cleaning the house....you know Laundry, Dishes, Kitchen, Sweeping, Vacuuming, Making the bed, etc.

I then worked on a few orders and got them ready for shipment, and completed a few more products that are new and gotta get them posted up on the site.

No workout for me today but plan on doing one tomorrow. My goal is to get at least 3 full workout days a week in.

Other than that not a real productive day...but hey my excuse is its Monday and its my recover day from the weekends!!! ;) 

For the remainder of the week my "to do" list IS pretty extensive and I want it all done by Thurs since Friday is my Bday and I want that day and the weekend to be free to do whatever (which honestly wont be much) and still feel good about what all I accomplished for the week.

Something I have always done and find that it really can make you feel great as a person is make a list and always have it handy and write down things you wanna do and/or get accomplished.....once you do cross it off!! You will find that it gets exciting to have that list and see everything crossed off after each week, it really is a great motivator and reminder of what you DID do and how amazing you can be, instead of always focusing on the things you didn't do or time you wasted.

AS far as my dieting goes...its going good, I have not had any sweets in a week and feel pretty good about it! Also I lost a whole 2 lbs LOL whoo hoo.... no its not really a lot but if I can lose 2 lbs a week all the time I will def be at my goal weight by spring!!! ;)

2 down 18 to go!!!! Oh man!!!

So I guess in conclusion of this day.... I am not proud that I didn't get more done.... but am very proud that i was able to save a life today so I guess that counts for something and makes me feel pretty good for sure :)

See you guys again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love and Light )O(


Friday, January 4, 2013

My Day in a Nutshell

So today is Friday....... I have to say that I LOVE Fridays even though I work from home and seemingly never leave the house. BUT it is the last day of the work week for the hubs so its always nice to look forward to family time.
ANYWHO!!!!!! So what did I do today..... Well which many of you know I launched off a new vid on YT explaining the new goals n such for the new year and how I am going to be sharing it all with you via video and thins blogging site. I really hope that you all enjoy it and can seemingly connect with it some way or another.

Me being a Capricorn I am a list maker so be prepared that many of my blogs of the day will end up being basically "lists" of what I did. Why not write more do you ask? Well there are times and moments where I simply do not have the time nor the motivation to write it all out pretty and appealing but want to be sure to blog.journal ou what I did do so that I can refer to it later. Just as I mentioned in my YT vid.... you are not writing an English paper to turn in a be graded this is simply you taking the time to write out your day so that you can refer back to it at a  later time and use it to your advantage. You never know what things you jot down and actually do forget later even though you swear to ourself that you wont... HAHA!! Yea right!!! Just lik the way I promise myself all the time..."oh you dont have to write this dream down you will remember it in the morning" and guess what..... I never do....... LOL Totally pisses me off!!!

Ok so here is my list:

I restarted my Fitness Pal food Diary...it is where you literally log everything you eat and drink throughout the day.... which honestly is cool. It is totally private and only for your eyes and really gives you an idea of the calories that you intake everyday whether you have the best diet or not.

If you are interested try it out!! www.myfitnesspal.com

Next I did my normal cleaning crap...you know Loading/Unloading the dishwasher, made the bed,  Washed clothes, folded and put away.... swept the kitchen floor, wiped down all the counter, vacuumed the living room, and windexed the tv area LOL (my daughters fav place to put hand prints).

Went to Walmart got a few sewing materials, milk, eggs and a few snacks for Kahlan.
Went to the feed store and FINALLY found a bag of Deer corn so that I can finish my bags that I have been crafting up to put on The Green Eyed Owl.

Did a 75 min workout to Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" (LOL Yes I am old School) and got some cardio in.

Printed out my couple orders that I got in and got those started...plan on finishing and shipping out tomorrow.

Made a couple YT vids, set up this blog and replied to my daily quota of emails.

Thats pretty much it besides the normal butt changing of Kahlan, making her meals and doing our "playtime/learning time" that I do in the morning and afternoon to teach her a little something each day.

So thats it in a nutshell there is a little more but didnt wanna keep going on and bore ya to death LOL and not as much as I would like to have gotten done but hey what can ya do!! LOL

I weighed in at 144.5 lbs.... cannot believe it!!! So pissed at myself as I have been doing good on my food intake and have been excercising but I guess I indulged a little much this past weekend in some treats... NOT anymore though!!! I wanna be back to 128 lbs by March!!! And I KNOW it can happen.

Well that is my blog and summary of my day..... hope you didnt get too bored reading it....

See you again soon!!! XOXOXOX

2013 A New Year.... A New "Me"

2013 Thank goodness you are here and good riddens to 2012, what a fantatic and chaotic year it was.
I embrace this new year and all it has to bring....and to ensure this years success I am taking on and making this one a new journey, not only to make it exciting but to know that I put every effort into making this year a successful, productive and positve one.

As I mentioned in my Youtube video I am going to be blogging this journey not only to share my experience with you, but also to hoefully help you also be motivated and not be alone in this new transition of life and wellness.

So here we go!!! The goals that I have to accomplish before Winter's end is as follows:

Goals to Achieve by Ostara (March 21st)

1) Get back on track with my weight loss, I have a goal of 20 lbs that I want to lose from my previous pregnancies as well as the lazy winter days.

2) Continue to build up The Green Eyed Owl and get to the final vision of what I want it to be as a whole.

3) Move back to Washington (State) so that my husband and I can be back close to friends and some family.

4) Cut out ALL sweets!!! (Already halfway there so this should be easy!)

5) Do the Dr. Oz 3 day detox

My 3 Affirmations are:

I am a strong willed woman and can achieve any goal that I set!!!

I am a great mother and wife!!

I am happiest when I inspire and help others be happy and feel inspired as well!!

Quotes that will motivate me: 

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path"

Best of Luck to you all!!! I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you!!! 

Much Love and Light to each of you as well as MANY Blessings!!!